Night’s Mistress

Day is nothing like the night, even a breezy late summer afternoon can not compare to the smoothing stillness of twilight. The blanketing silence reaching out, stifling the noise of day-time dwellers—hushing the meaningless ideals and frivolous desires of average people. As I step out into the dark I’m whole once again, welcomed by a freeing sensation. Breath comes to me easily now, a great gasp for more of my night. It completes a part of me I surrendered to centuries ago, but the night does not own me. It doesn’t restrict, seclude, or rule over my being. For I am bound to it like a lover…A willing lover. Mistress of its dark embrace and haunting whispers—welcomed by it’s enchanting mystery that hides beyond the thin veil of reality. No secrets can I keep from my love, it always knows and I’m too willing to share.
by J.N. Sheats

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